I’ll raise Mick’s beet beer with a blackberry beer

Our temporary New York correspondent has certainly thrown down the gauntlet in terms of unusual beers. The Wacko beer Mick has tried is out there. Its web presence is awesome and I can’t think of an Aussie brewer that has gone to this effort.

So after enviously reading about Mick drinking beer flavoured with beet sugar, I was immediately drawn to the Blackberry Wheat Beer that was available on the Red Oak menu. This was a mistake, and I think Mick probably had the better beer. I found the Blackberry Wheat beer quite astringent. It was advertised as tart, and that was truthful, but I found it too much so. It has been well regarded in various beer contests – so it might just be a beer that I don’t get. Fortunately the Red Oak has no shortage of other beers to choose from. There’s two versions of Stout on tap, a Kolsch, Pale, IPA etc. They have a 2006 Framboise for $75 bucks a bottle. A review on the bar will go up on the BotF Bar Review Map.