Brazilian beer and unusual advertising

With the influx of Brazilian tourists into Manly it is little surprise that a couple of Brazilian beers have started to appear around the Insular Peninsula. Palma Louca has been around for a while and now Brazil’s biggest beer – Nova Schin – is available. Nova Schin is the VB of the Brazilian Beer market, and it is now being distributed all over the world. Like VB, this is a pretty innocuous beer and will do the job adequately on a hot summer’s day.

Now in searching for a little info on Nova Schin, I came across a very interesting photo. Many brewers are coming out with a zero percent beer – Sagres, Lowenbrau, Baltika – just to name a few. This is a trend that hasn’t caught on in Australia. There is Coopers Birell – which is an ultra low alcohol beer – but I’ve only seen that in public once. There is a no alcohol version of Nova Schin and the ad for it definitely catches the eye. Only in Brazil, I reckon.