Fish Flounder

Fisho’s floundered to a 9-4 defeat against a strong Manly Leagues team in the first round of the darts A league comp.

The venue was the Leagues club where the walls were adorned with memorabilia of sporting legends Tooves, Cliffy, Des, Egor and a few more, which should have provided the necessary inspiration. Unfortunately there was only one team in the game from the start as the Manly Leagues team had a clean sweep in the triples and doubles to record a comfortable win. For Fisho’s plenty of near misses with the inability to peg out costing them dearly in a number of legs. Possibly more focus may have helped, but half time came upon the team very quickly and the match was gone.

Even with the loss of the darts match, it was an enjoyable evening, with hospitable hosts providing food and beers in a convivial atmosphere.

It was good to see Norm, one of the stalwarts of the team back (mentor to more than one) playing after a 4 week sabbatical to Africa. In between legs, Norm regaled us with tales of Lions, Safaris and trips down the Nile.

Shortly after the match, the evening concluded with members of both teams enjoying a few more beers, watching the pugilist Danny Green demolish his opponent in quick time.