Black Mac in a magic location

One of the best beer reviews in the short history of BotF was one penned by Oompaloompa that paid tribute to a member of the Mac’s Brewery beer family. Today I was fortunate enough to try another one of Mac’s Beers. Whether it was a combination of the locale and the quality of the beer – or just the beer itself – it didn’t matter. This was a very pleasant imbibing experience.

The Quarantine Station and Quarantine Beach has been around for almost as long as Sydney has been in existence. Boaties have always been able to moor off the beach and have a swim, but very quietly a hotel, function centre and restaurant have been added to the site. The restaurant is called the Boiler Room, and attached to the restaurant is a bar called the Engine Room. The Engine Room has one of the most well stocked single beer fridges I’ve seen, and one of its offerings was Black Mac.

Doesn’t pour with the greatest head, but it is a deep ebony colour and is a fine black ale. It packs plenty of flavour and has a real sense of dark chocolate in its after taste. I could have a thousand of these.

The Engine Room is definitely worth visiting, but be warned, it is a very out of the way place to drink. To get there you need to drive halfway to North Head and then park and get driven down by a bus. An easier way to go would be to find a wealthy mate with a boat that can park 50m away from the Quarantine Beach and then rubber ducky it to shore and then wile away the afternoon with sherbets in the sun. Sunsets would be awesome here.