Kolsch – one of many reasons to visit the 4 Pines

Kolsch from 4 Pines

One of the first bars reviewed by BotF on the BotF Bar Review Map was the 4 Pines Brewing Company. We loved 4 Pines then, and after a visit on the weekend the ardour has not diminished. In fact there are a few more reasons to be a regular frequenter of this fine establishment.

One enhancement is the ability to purchase takeaway beers. It is so good to have a microbrewery in Manly that we won’t quibble (too much) about the $20 price tag for a 6 pack of 330ml bottles. I snaffled a 6 pack of Kolsch, which a very tasty hoppy beer. I found it similar to an IPA.

4 Pines produce one-off seasonal beers and over the next 3 weeks, they’ll be launching a Russian Stout (12 April) and a Porter (23 April). BotF may be visiting the 4 Pines again in the next couple of weeks.