Twilight ferries and Coopers classic

Daylight savings has ended and and that means a whole different experience on the Back of the Ferry. The 6pm journey is now a magical journey as you watch the cityscape light up as the sun sets. It would almost be romantic if I wasn’t travelling with fellow BotFers, but that didn’t stop the vast numbers of tourists taking the opportunity to get one of the iconic shots of Sydney – the Bridge in sunset.

Fortunately we had 10 minutes up our sleeve and we were able to indulge in a new beer experience. Customs House has Coopers Extra Strong Vintage Ale on tap, which I have never seen before. In fact, it was one of the best on tap line-ups I’ve seen for some time – Coopers Green, Big Helga and Coopers Extra Strong. Spoilt for choice. I’ve only ever tried the Coopers Vintage once or twice – it isn’t commonly stocked. Out the of the tap – it is an absolute belter. At 7.5% alcohol, it isn’t for the faint-hearted – but it is el supremo. The Coopers website describes it thus – “Only the most devoted and discerning imbibers who have easy access to public transport.” Lucky we were proceeding to the ferry immediately afterwards. Not only is the Vintage strong in alcohol, it is has a powerful taste. Not a beer for sculling, and would be great in winter.