The Fish on a Roll

For the fourth game in a row The Fish celebrated an 8-5 victory, this time against the Manly Leagues 2 team.

Leagues had gone all out, flying in Masaki, one of the hottest young Japanese players attempting to break into the Warringah league. Clearly, they’d blown their salary cap as they only fielded 5 players, giving The Fish a huge advantage but the possibilty of a very embarrassing loss.

Being a player short, Leagues automatically forfeit one singles game and they’re also 3 against 2 in 2 of the 4 triples games and 1 against 2 in one of the doubles. 1 against 2 is almost impossible to win as the solo player only gets half the darts of the pair eg if the solo player can peg out in 30 darts (solid darts) the pair would have to fail to peg out in 60 darts (a disaster). Nevertheless, Craig & Spook managed to get stuck on 3 for an eternity and Greg came through and shamed them leaving Fish with a narrow 4-3 lead at the start of the singles.

In the true spirit of Kyudo, Masaki managed to peg a triples and doubles win, but Spook was back to devestating form to slay him in the singles. Haiji! Craig also recovered some face to win his singles and it was all over.

A bye next week and then Time and Tide where the Fish will need to find form to win as Norm and Spook will be absent.