If you are going to go Mid Strength then you will struggle to go better than a XXXX Gold.

 Typically anything below a 4.5 will lack punch with many consumers declaring the consumption of such beverages a waste of time. If stranded in the middle of the Simpson many would rather die of starvation than bother with a mid-strength or low alcohol lager.

 As the Jesuit axiom states …”Give me a boy until the age of seven, and I will give you the man”….yes if I could lead you to these waters I am sure you would be more than satisfied with the punchy underlying flavour in this drop.

 This botf was fortunate to make the tour of the holy grail of Queensland tourist sites some years ago. The XXXX brewery does as equally good a job as its European forefathers; Heineken and Carlsberg amongst them. In laconic Queensland peanut farmer style however the XXXX tour does away with the distractions of those European forebears, including their magnificent carved elephant gates standing more than a score of hands high, oils adorning walls as commissioned centuries ago by the Grand Masters, and other bric-a-brac. XXXX focuses on the art of brewing alone with a constant reminder by the guide that a free swill awaits those who can keep their feet till the end. Even its locale of Milton in suburban backblock Brisbane is as laconic as one can get in comparison to the brewing houses of Copenhagen, and Amsterdam.