Budweiser (US)

Budweiser announces itself as the ‘King of Beers’. Readers of this blog may recall that this correspondent fervently sang the praises of Tooheys New as said King. I am obviously more than a little enamored to that product and have been castigated by my colleagues for  pasting Tooheys propaganda onto this site. I concur with their judgement that such actions bring into question the very fabric of this site. Credibility can only stand through independence. The integrity of published reviews rest on the palates of those concerned. As such I have since pulled down that jingo.

 Is ‘Bud’ the King?

 Not for mine – a very watery mixture which left a bar-tray slops aftertaste.

 Whilst this beer has long suffered the reputation as being understrength, along with many other American cordials, this concoction is declared to be 4.9%. Not sure if this is an awakening in the American market, or that this baby is reserved for ‘export only’.

 A review of Bud cannot pass without comment on the naming of this brew. It is disappointing that the historic town and brew of Budweiser Budvar has had its offering to the world usurped by the American version. I believe a battle rages to this day over ownership to the naming rights…no doubt it has proved a marketing bonanza to both teams in the distribution of their product. I look forward to a review of the Czech version and in fact challenge you all to brown bag both versions for a ‘Pepsi Challenge’.

Postscript – I have been advised by an avid subscriber and fan of fermented grain that in Australia the same brewer markets both beverages. An interesting aside indeed. I’m flummoxed. This farcical circus only furthers the cause for a Pepsi Challenge. I nominate Ian ‘Turpy’ Turps to tour the country televising the astonishment as bags are raised.