Barely a beer – Hummingbird

The Hawks Nest bottlo has turned up a couple of surprises. Firstly, a Patagonian Beer that will be discussed later was found. The second surprise that in retrospect we could have done without was a new product from the company that makes Cruisers. Hummingbird is a blonde lager with passionfruit.

Now the belgians have done fruit flavoured beers for ages. The Chinese are also keen on lychee beer, pear beer, pineapple beer etc. They are an acquired taste, which I’ve never really embraced – but I could never embrace this.

The label promises an inspiring beverage that captures the illuminated essence of flavour and fun. I’m just glad that a camera didn’t capture my expression after the first sip. The beer looks like a urine sample from a distance and quite possibly was given the taste.