The Metropolitan – looks can deceive

A couple of BotFs had an opportunity to duck into the Metropolitan before the Ferry last night.  If a bar has it stacked against it – it is the Metropolitan.  The entrance is through a Maccas and it is next door to the sprawling Establishment empire.  Nonetheless, the Metrop comes through with flying colours.

With only 10 minutes to spare, the BotF boys couldn’t visit all three bars in the Metropolitan complex.  The rooftop bar was given a workout however and this is an oasis of the highest order.  If you can ignore the seemingly constant sound of near death experiences on Bridge Street – the rooftop bar is a great little spot.  Jammed in creatively, you get a perspective of the skyline that is all too rare.  In a city that has become far too PC and OH&S paranoid – we wondered how the rooftop bar even exists.  Exist it does and it should be supported often.