Induction – Duncan #94

Finally Sydney is seeing rain. After the driest September on record, the heavens are opening somewhat. Fortunately, the 6.30pm trip to Manly was rain free, which enabled us to hold an induction with an auspicious panel of witnesses. Duncan is as old a friend of @illiards and @bladdamasta as they come and has participated in a number of fortuitous beer adventures. He has a particular fondness for the breweries of the East Coast of Hawaii as well the pubs of Dungog. An eclectically experienced man.



And so to the all important questions:

Favourite beverage: Kirin ichiban

Favourite sport to spectate: Rugby

Area of trivial expertise: The rules of backyard cricket

Favourite pub and why: The (Old) Welcome because of fantastic university memories. Played INXS “Good Times” on the Jukebox about 400 times.

Induction conducted by @illiards and @bladdamasta and witnessed by Gerald and Matthew on board the MV Freshwater.