Heartbreaker – a wonderful step back in time

I found one of the best bars of all time on Thursday night. Seriously.

Great kitsch

As I researched Good Beer Week venues – way too late – I discovered that Heartbreaker was doing a Blackman’s tap takeover.  I chose Heartbreaker because it was close to my temporary location of employment. That’s proved to be fortuitous because I don’t think I’ve been in a better bar in Australia since Frankie’s Pizza.

Yeah – it is a massive call. Hyperbolic – probably, but it is a seriously good belly to the bar drinking experience. Whilst it throbs hipster, Heartbreaker has been so well done – and the staff are so genuine – that the experience feels real.
The fit-out, decor, artwork, memorabilia etc has been so well thought out that you feel like you are stepping into the set of that Jack Nicholson movie in Southie Boston. You just don’t need to fear for your life.


The pizza

Connie’s Pizza, which is apparently only 2 weeks old, serves up great “pie” (by the slice or the whole). Great cheesey Pizza sand I loved my pepperoni slice.
The music is played loud and is unashamedly 70s rock. Supertramp amongst others.

Go – just go.

Heartbreaker: 234A Russell Street, Melbourne