Brexit crazy

It’s been an absolutely mad fortnight.  Stocks & currency all over the place.  A mate of mine from Cornwall said, “I was a happy European, but this racist bigotry has made my decision for me – I’m selling up and moving to France.”. Good luck with that.  Personally, I’d prefer Estonia.  Number one IT country in Europe.  And when it comes to beers…


What we have here is the perfectly formed piece of art in a glass… Stone Brewery (yes, the US chaps who were partly responsible for the craft beer revolution in the early 1990s), now brewing in Berlin, Germany, since June – this one being their IPA.  Amusingly, here in Parnu, the summer capital of Estonia, they say, “ippah” not “aye..pee..eiy.”  The other choices on offer being:


Ah, you spotted it – Arrogant Bastard (AB).  Not you.  The beer.  OK, perhaps you, but that’s subjective.   Whereas the IPA maintains its US signature hoppiness, the AB (pardon the pun)  also rings true to its US roots, full bodied toasted, almost smokey, marmalade… deep, rich in colour, just like a decent Dewar’s marmalade.  So, what else does festival-filled Parnu have to offer at the outstanding Virre craft-ale bar?


Laurie, the outstanding owner, recommends Konrad – I try both the dark as well as the draft (actually, both on draft).

wp-1468013614076.jpg  wp-1468013670189.jpg

Being a ‘dark drinker’ I obviously prefer the latter.  The former is well worth the trip to Parnu though – a meaty light ale, ideal accompaniment to shrimps on the barbie.  The dark, however, is nutty, roasted and extravagant.  Konrad makes the European tour worth the while.  You can google Estonia, Parnu, and the various festivals, but you can only taste the real thing.  Don’t waste life, get over here before it joins NATO…