Veerev Olu

Apparently, Veerev is the original Estonian pub in Parnu, wooden floors that no doubt in the olden days would have been covered in sawdust.  The eclectic paraphernalia on the walls gives this joint a welcoming feeling to any stranger, complimented by the friendly face behind the bar.


In the centre of the pub is a wooden trapdoor, where they keep all the bodies beer.  I’m advised that I should come back again during the last week in October for ‘British Week’ when there will be some British beer on tap, as well as the Ambassador making an appearance.  The pub is busy for a Tuesday lunchtime, and we opt for indoors as the weather is inclement, even though there is a large square umbrella covering the outdoor smoking area.


I’ve chosen an A.Le Coq lager, the only beer on tap – it’s Estonian, and like Coopers or VB, is the popular quite drinkable Brand.  On the practical, chunky tables, there’s a civilised game of chess underway, eagerly overseen by drinking companions with nothing better to do on this rainy day in Parnu.

Come to Veerev for a homely pint!