Licher wheat beer and a room with a view of “Chang Cheng”

The National Holidays have provided this BoTF correspondent and his family the opportunity to escape Beijing to a not-so-touristy section of the Great Wall called Mutianyu. Bladdamaster and his family were also regular visitors to this spectacularly picturesque and natural section of Chang Cheng when living in China. Our lodgings are at a renovated Hutong which has all of the creature comforts of a five star hotel (well almost) nestled amongst the village and affords an amazing glimpse of the real China. Anyway enough of the cultural lesson and onto more pressing matters.

Licher -Wheat Beer

There appears to be an increasing number of German wheat beers appearing in China and Licher is worthy of a solid review. The brewery has been around since 1854 but unfortunately the website doesn’t offer an English translation allowing a more detailed summary. Notwithstanding Licher claims to be a market leader in wheat brewing and are based in Hesse. The beer itself is a cracker and offers a crisp and refreshing taste with a wonderfully cloudy texture. The 500 ml bottle ensures that the drinker is not left wanting and 5.4% alcohol content ensures a great night sleep after a day of climbing. Definitely one to keep an eye out for ………..

A room with a view