A triptych at The Pumphouse – Panel 3. Archipelago Explorer

Archipelago Explorer

More to Singapore than Tiger

The Pumphouse has also managed to double my beer knowledge of Singapore. That is, not only does the island country produce Tiger Beer, but also beers by the Archipelago Brewery. I realize this represents a sweeping generalisation akin to thinking Australia only produces Fosters.

Archipelago styles itself as a craft beer brewery and also as the first commercial brewery in Singapore. The company website is short on detail, as its under construction (and Explorer, interestingly, is not listed as one of its current beers). However, the text hints at a theme of renewal, as if Archipelago was out of business there for a while. Anyway, the Explorer is rich and complex with a malty, caramel aftertaste. Very, very potable. Really enjoyed this one.

A quick root around Google Maps found a brilliant looking brewery in downtown Singapore which looks like a fine venue for the BotF boys to hold their 2011 offsite.

Archipelago Brewery

Home Sweet Home