A triptych at The Pumphouse – Panel 2. Dead Guy Ale

Better dead than Ed

Who cares how time advances? I am drinking ale today. - Edgar Allan Poe

Another beauty from The Pumphouse, Dead Guy Ale is the second panel of the beer triptych.

Dead Guy is produced by Rogue Ales out of Portland, Oregon. Portland is better know as Beervana due to immense number of microbreweries there. I had always thought Portland was the divorcee capital of the US, but there you go.

The lads at Rogue punch out a cornucopia of beers that would make Portland a certain destination on the BotF beer world tour. Each beer is given a different beer themed quote, hence the Poe quote for the Dead Guy Ale. Dead Guy was originally struck in the 90s to celebrate the Mayan Day of the Dead (All Souls Day Nov 1) but overwhelming demand has meant it has had a longer run. I can certainly see why. It has a beautiful strong taste and is rich and smooth. It also tops out at a hand-trembling 6.6% alcohol count. A few of these in the sun and you’ll be taking your leave early and waking up in the train yards well after midnight.

All in all, a mighty fine brew.