Viking – the closest BotF will get to get to Iceland (probably)

The global economy continues to astound and the quirky beers that emerge in the unlikeliest places also amazes.

The Hotel Illawarra, Wollongong was the source of this offering from Vifilfell Brewery, which is located in the town of Akureyri, Iceland. Akureyri is a port "city" (17,481 population) in the North of Iceland. Apart from listening to Bjork or Trabant on your iPod, a stubbie of Viking might be the closest you’ll get to Iceland (unless you got stranded recently in Europe when the wonderfully named volcano Eyjajallajokull blew up).

The beer itself is unfortunately eminently forgettable. A Full Strength, Low Carb (lagt kolvetni, fullar strykur) beer, it suffers the same issue of many of this category by being flavourless. It is not bilge water, but it isn’t memorable either. Bizarrely, beer was banned in Iceland until 1 March 1989. Beer Day is now celebrated on 1 March. You’d think if they’d waited that long, they’d come up with something better, but I guess you’d also drink anything. Given the state of the Icelandic economy, it could almost be considered a charitable act to buy a 6 pack. Just keep it in the fridge and give it to guests you don’t particularly like.