February Bar of the Month award

Pretty light on month for pub vists. BotF regular Charlie has been actually working for a change and has been hard pressed to do the occasional early scarper. Pubs visited this month were The Hunter, the Brooklyn Hotel, Manly Wharf Hotel, Chicane, Combined Services RSL and Bligh bar.

There’s probably only one bar I’d never frequent again, and that is the Hunter. Very, very dire place and I am not sure what would cause anyone to go there, unless you have a gambling problem. Bligh Bar and Chicane are good if you are in the area, but not worth travelling out of the way for. The Brooklyn Hotel has really done itself up and has plenty of diversions. The Combined Services RSL is a great step back in time and is an excellent alternative to most food courts around town with inexpensive bistro meals. Winner of the Bar of the Month is the Manly Wharf Hotel. Despite never really having a warm service culture, the setting, the choice of beverage and the coin spent on the TVs make it a worthwhile option in the summer months.

BotF will try to put in a bigger effort in March – it is a longer month after all.